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About Human Variation..

Man, Woman, or Human

What We Are, and Have Been

Nature or Nurture? or what causes this?

Engendered Species

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Some of Our History.....

We have Been Despised!

Even though an individual's personal traits rarely have an effect on another's existence, many often act toward those who have differences with fear, or an almost superstitious agog.

balboa killing trangender crossdressing people
Balboa using dogs to murder 'Twin Spirit' people. Crime Scene!  Since 1970, 300 people have been killed for appearing transgendered.   More are not reported as such. 

Many are deeply disappointed when others are not like themselves.

Whether burned at the stake, ripped apart by war dogs, locked away, or,

Made Fun Of,

Conformity is enforced.

In 1950's New York, women were arrested for wearing pants.

transgendered men in 1870 London arrested transgendered in new york 1962 arrested
Boulton and Park arrested, 1870, London. Some of those arrested at Manhattan Center, 1962.

Police would make regular rounds, collecting anyone that strayed from that which was usually seen.

a license to crossdress for artist rosa Bonheur
Calling Dick Tracy!  Statement on social standing, 1960s Artist Rosa Bonheur's "License to Crossdress", Busywork for a government official? 

Language is often used to categorize, control, and classify. Crossdresser, Transexual, Transvestite, Drag Queen, Spic, Whop, Nigger, and other limiting and inaccurate labels tell one very little about the individuals involved.

Limitations of language and thought - Some are called 'He'. Others are called 'She'. A certain percentage of people are born without the sex organs. Technically they are not 'him', or 'her'. How do you respectfully address them?

Sexualized !

For many, anything with sexual overtones has an 'anxious attraction' - something to be safely shipped off to the carnival, or to be (again safely) put behind glass and by it's imposed distance, confused with mere titillation. It's innate attraction is often used to promote unrelated things, commercial or political.

Ridicule. Sex sells.. At times the difference seems minimal.

But Also Elevated!

In various times and places, Transgendered people have been trusted, and/or looked up to.

Several groups in history that we know of have been given extra clout because of a transgendered connection:

Both Egyptian and Babylonian pharaohs and kings were given spiritual connections while engaging in transgendered behavior.

American Indians valued members of their tribe who were transgendered as being 'twin souled' persons having the 'wisdom of both' and thus valued as leaders.

The eunuchs of the Biblical times were often valued, trusted, and considered a vital part of the social and political structure.

To the eunuchs who keep my Sabbaths, Who choose what pleases me And hold fast to my covenant--

To them I will give within my temple and It's walls

A memorial and a name

Better than sons and daughters;

I will give them an everlasting name

That will not be cut off.

Isaiah 56:3


Barcheeampe, the great woman Chief, and Hunter  

Joan of Arc, a 17 year old peasant girl, transgendered her way to both Sainthood, and having a major hand in the creation of the state of France.

There are at least a dozen saints honored on the Catholic Calendar who were transgendered.

Though largely 'written out' of history, transgenders have often served in the militaries of various nations.

At least 400 women, for instance, fought as men in the U.S. Civil War. Their service, when discovered, was largely respected, and honored at the time, by the veterans who shared the battlefield experience.

woman who faught as man in civil war
Franklin Thompson,  (Sarah Emma Thompson, fought for Union Army in US Civil War.

Through The Ages,

many men have chosen to live as women, and women as men. Both the prince and the pauper have chosen to simply be themselves.

governor of new york dressed as woman woman doing hunting like a man woman dressed as man
Edward Hyde, Governor of New York, 1702-1708. Calamity Jane (Martha Jane Burke), 1852?- 1903 Billy Tipton Trio- Jazz Musician Tipton was found on his death to be a woman.

Bet you didn't read this in your history books!

And.... Hey! Pirates!

woman being a pirate in 1700s
Ann Bonny and Mary Read Convicted of Piracy in 1720 And... Action Figures!, for the Walter Mitty, or Feminist, in us all....
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