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Man, Woman, or Human

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Nature or Nurture? or what causes this?

Engendered Species

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He, She, or We? (or Me, Myself, and I!)

What's so bad about being a man?

Is being a woman wrong?

Is being human better?

Recent research indicates that as many as 1 in 20, or 5% of people (both male and female) engage in transgendered activity to some extent.

Most are straight (heterosexual), many are married.

Different people's interest will range from the very occasional to the frequent, an erotic turn-on to imitation, (the sincerest flattery), to an expression of one's innermost personality.

Woman nation building, Joan of arc
Joan of Arc, Nation Building with strength. Mr. Rogers, Gentle, Expressive, and Caring.

Only a very few pursue a 'sex change' (1 in 30,000). The vast majority like, and will keep their gender, yet will on occasion, express the other part of themselves and their unique personality.

We are in all professions, and in classes you had in school. You probably met some of us in the last few days, and just didn't know it.

was da vinci transgendered?
  Leonardo da Vinci- did he have a secret?  We'll never know.....  

One therapist recently said of this human sexual variation: "You are healthy, Lose the Guilt, and Get on with Your Life".

transgendered crossdressing movie actor
  Julian Eltinge,  early movie actor, 3rd most popular actor on Hollywood "A" list, made a career of playing women.  First rate theaters were named for him.  

Our culture and language seem to promote an either/or male/female boy/girl state -- no in between.

Today, women who dress in 'mens' clothing are rarely even noticed, as they have more freedom to cross these social barriers than men, dressing as they please. Men, however, may be sarcastically told: 'don't be a sissy', as if femininity were a sin.

Ken, dressed in Barbie's clothes at the factory, as a joke, Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, a road movie with transgenders, 1994

Men are dictated to be limited to being one half of a person; that bordering on the strong, tough side. Women are taught to be limited to being the other half of a person, centered around the weaker, more expressive side. For many people, being transgendered is a bridge to express the side denied them, enabling them to express the full range of human emotion.

Human traits and Polarities that are a part of us all.

Throughout history, when threatened, the weakest woman has taken up the weapon and killed the enemy soldier, or engaged in amazing survival feats. And there are many cases of the strongest man being artistic and expressive, or warm and loving to his children.

In Hispanic culture, we have Macho, and Madonna.  In American Cinema, we have John Wayne, and Marilyn Monroe. They tell many, How to Live

But women, usually did not shave their legs until the 1920's, when advertising, told them to do so.

In the Illiad, and the Oddessey, hardened Greek soldier types, tough in a way that modern people are not, would wail and cry, when the situation arose.

You are born. Everything else is drag.

Men's costumes, and actions.

Women's costumes, and actions.

People who dress as Hollywood versions of a cowhand on the square dance floor.

People who wear Mediterranean headgear at Shriner's meetings (and conventions!).

Square dancers and Shriners-- good works and fun by your parents and friends.  

Police. Corporate employee uniforms, Liturgical Church Garb.

Many people who identify themselves as, 'I'm a man", or "I'm a woman", seem to have more trouble accepting transgender than do others who have their identity as "I'm a person".

We're all human…..

This woman is not transgendered-- she's a WWII patriot! "Disappointment requires pre-planning"

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