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About Human Variation..

Man, Woman, or Human

What We Are, and Have Been

Nature or Nurture? or what causes this?

Engendered Species

Major News articles about Engendered Species:

The Collision of Sex and Gender

Malcolm in the Middle 

Hetero Guys in Disguise- The Psychology of Crossdressing

A brief history of transgenderism

Sex-change surgery is not for everyone

Film by Julie van der Wal  45 min


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Engendered Species, Transgender Crossdressers


Those who choose to cross the gap between the genders. That's what we are. It's great - I love it, and I make no apologies. That's who we are. This is the attitude of

Engendered Species.

"I once thought that I alone in the world did this. But now, there is a group, or a community of us.

deborah speaking at rally

Deborah at rally

It's like whistling alone in the dark, then the lights come on to reveal a whole crowd of people walking alongside".

"Deborah Dean", founder

Of all the dearly-held dreams Ive had in my life, even the impossible ones have come true! Aere, co-founder

Some in society can give one a 'bad trip' about this -- Engendered Species counteracts this by leading people to accept themselves for who they are, and what they can become.

We provide a place where people can both meet and share with people of their own kind, and learn from one another.

Engendered Species Activities

We have about one activity per week, of two types:

  • Private Activities

  • Out-on-the-Town Activities


Regularly Scheduled Activities

  • Monthly Meeting (2nd Saturday - Private)

  • Restaurant Dine-Out (4th Saturday open to public)

engendered species resturant dine out

A restaurant dine out....

Other Activities

Engendered Species on a weekend trip

  • Weekend Trips

  • Drag Shows

  • Movies

  • Museum Excursions

  • Shopping

  • Training Sessions

  • Pride Day Parade

  • Video Night

  • Transgender Discussion Night

  • Holiday Events

  • (suggestions from members)



  • Published Monthly

  • Six Pages

  • Comes via e-mail

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