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About Human Variation..

Man, Woman, or Human

What We Are, and Have Been

Nature or Nurture? or what causes this?

Engendered Species

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A Bit About Human Variation.....

engendered species transgender traveling display

Our Traveling Display...

Men Are Men….

And Women are….? from Venus?  Men from Mars?

(A Crowd Pleaser)

farm man and woman in usual gender roles

Comforting, and completing each

other in the Good old days of today, or yesteryear--

Boys wear blue, and Girls pink,

(In the 1800's, the opposite was true).

1950- man woman in roles
The Tyranny of Dick and Jane Wifely Duties

To many, there is a 'rightness' about having everything in it's place - predictable - safely in categories.

Like a naturalist classifying flora and fauna -- the act of naming, and sorting seems to make a larger than expected variety more manageable, if not controllable.

  Classifying and Categories - a way of Control, a limitation on thinking.  

The pull is between what we would like to see, and that which is.

The average height for males is 5ft, 10 in. The average height for women is 5ft. 4 in.

6% of people are left handed.

Oh, my! Pigeonholed, and limited!, again!

(Here's a new category, made necessary only by the others,)


Those who cross the gap between the genders, to be the person that they are instead of the mass produced 2 sizes fits all mold dictated by others.


How do you measure up? (or differ?)

Body hair









man woman attributes venn diagram

Except for the reproductive organs, the variation of any attribute within the group of men, and the variation of any attribute within the group of women, is greater than the differences in the average between the two groups.

We are more alike than different.

height difference in 2 men
  Mr. Wadslow, with his 5'10" brother.  
seagulls can be transgendered deer can be transgendered
Seagulls.... Deer, and other wildlife, can be, (and are) Transgendered.

Most people are simply unaware of the varieties that we, as human beings, naturally come in. (or our fellow creatures on planet Earth for that matter.)

This North American Indian Berdache..... This Eskimo... And this South Sea Islander, are wondering what all the fuss is about.

TV and advertising use the sensational, or the comic, to sell tickets and products. Parents and teachers, or other interested parties, in attempting to own and operate our lives, tell us to 'be this, not that'

The difference between the way that we are told to be, as opposed to the way we really are, can be the as great as the difference between those friendly jeans and that dangerous dress!

Other more insightful peoples

and places see themselves in

the reality of the human

variations that exist – if

only we would


Like the Eskimo who has 14 different words to describe snow, some languages have up to 50 words to name the commonly seen varieties of gender

All are Part of the 

Rainbow Spectrum of Transgender

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