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Engendered Species

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Film by Julie van der Wal  45 min


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Engendered Species Film Transgender, Crossdressers

Engendered Species at Pride Day Parade in salt lake city utah
Engendered Species  Film by Julie van der Wal - DVD 45 mins

Welcome to the world of the Transgendered.......

Engendered Species, a documentary film by Julie van der Wal, celebrates diversity in Salt Lake City. Engendered Species is a support group for the Transgendered: crossdressers, pre-operative transsexuals, and post operative transsexuals.  Deborah Dean, aka Malcolm, began the group nearly 20 years ago, with his co-revolutionary, Aere.  At a time when most were hiding in closets, or motel rooms, those in Engendered Species worked to bring people out into the open dome of the Western sky, and into the light of self acceptance. The film shows the transgendered 'as people next door'-- indeed, many could be your friends now, and you may not know it.  This version has an introduction added by Deborah Dean, that illustrates how much a part of the person this is.

The group promotes knowledge and awareness of gender issues and provides sanctuary to those individuals whose private pain keeps them closeted to society. Examine a rare glimpse into the secret world of the transgendered where members of Engendered Species share their personal stories, hardships and joys.    For copies, contact Engendered Species.